Types Of Floor Coverings You Can Find In Dallas

Have you ever set foot on a house that does not have any floor covering? Pretty boring, isn’t it? Floor coverings are essential in creating an impression towards a particular dwelling. Choosing the right kind of floor covering (Dallas Cheap Flooring) may sound like a trouble-free task, but there are actually some points that must be considered first before purchasing the right materials. There are numerous flooring manufacturers (Dallas Carpet Wholesale) around Dallas that can assist you in choosing the right one.

Cost, endurance, comfort and aesthetics are the important factors that will affect your decision in the kind of floor covering to use. Whether you are building your house from scratch or you are now in the process of renovating it, investing in the right flooring (Frisco Discount Carpet) will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Here is a heads-up on these types of floor coverings:


Laminate flooring (Flower Mound Carpet) can be done in either hardwood or tiles. This is the most popular type of flooring nowadays, because its original appearance tends to last longer. The laminate protects the floor from scratches, burns and fading. Since it has a smooth texture, you can just use a damp rag in cleaning it. On the downside, this type of floor covering is a little slippery and is not advisable to use in bathroom and kitchen floors.


A carpet is a type of soft covering that is either made out of wool, nylon or polypropylene. A wool carpet is flame-resistant and the softest of the three, but generally, it is the most expensive. Cleaning the carpet (Dallas Cheap Flooring) can just be done periodically, but once you do a cleanup, a vacuum must be used to suck out all of the dust and dirt that were accumulated.


Does your home exude an earthy ambience? Then a hardwood might just be the right floor covering (Coppell Carpet) for your home. Simple yet sincere, some home-designing enthusiasts prefer this kind of flooring because of its inviting effect to visitors. Its natural appearance always guarantees you a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The two most common types of hardwoods are wood planks and parquets. Although it is less durable than laminate, a hardwood floor covering (Flower Mound Floor Coverings) is oftentimes left pre-finished, thus giving you a chance to paint or varnish the floor in accordance to your own taste. This type of flooring also does not require you to shed out a lot of money since wood is cheap.


This type of floor covering (Sherman Quality Carpet) is most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms because it is water and moisture resistant. Stone tiles, like terrazos in particular, are popularly mounted on bathroom floors because of their natural and earthy look. A terrazzo consists of marbles and other stones that were polished and smoothened out on a surface.

Perhaps the basic rule to remember in choosing the right kind of floor covering is this: the material should match the purpose of every part of your house. For example, do not use laminate and hardwood floorings (Dallas Carpet Company) in water-prone areas such as in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. You would definitely not like molds forming in these areas, won’t you?

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