The Bride is in a Limo: Making Your NJ Wedding Unforgettable

Wedding is regarded as one of the most important events in your life, so it is just fitting that you spend it as lavishly as you can. And what is even more luxurious (NJ Wedding Limo) than riding a limo at that significant moment? If you live in NJ, finding the right place to rent a limousine is not hard, but there are some things you should consider before choosing a company (NJ Prom Limo).

Before you dial the phone and call the nearest limousine rental service (NJ Limo Service), there are a few things you need to do. First, find out which limo models are suitable for a wedding. There are many kinds of limousines, so you cannot just choose any. Do not think that any limousine (NJ Party Bus) can transform your dream wedding into reality. It is important that you become aware of the models of limos (NJ Limo) fit for that spectacular event. To help you decide, here is a rundown of models suitable for the occasion:

1. Classic Rolls Royce
Nothing beats the classic. Although a Rolls Royce is not really categorized as a stretch vehicle (it only seats 4 people), it is still one of the best choices (New Jersey Limo Bus) for weddings. Besides, the bride and the groom are the only people usually expected to ride it, so it doesn’t really matter if its capacity is small.

2. Lincoln Towncar
This model is perfect for small or country-style weddings. It is relatively small (its capacity is 2-3 people), but it is enough for the bride and the groom to fit in (New Jersey Limousine). Also, since it is cheaper than other models, it is perfect for couples with a limited budget or for those who would like to rent more than one limo for transporting important guests to and from the reception or church.

3. Stretched Lincoln
Unlike the Towncar, this one can accommodate up to 15 people. So if you are also planning to transport your bridal entourage (New Jersey Wedding Limo) the luxurious way, then this is the car to choose. Aside from this model’s large capacity, it also boasts of the many amenities that can be found in it: a mini-bar where you can put your favorite wines or other beverages, an entertainment system to provide you with the right mood for the occasion, and a mirror ceiling that lets you view the sky (perfect for a wedding on a starry night). It also has a lot of legroom, so comfort is guaranteed.

4. SUVs and Hummers
These types of limos (New Jersey Limo Bus) are recommended for weddings that require traveling far or passing through rough terrain, as these models have a tough exterior.

Once you have become aware of the limo models suitable for a wedding, the next thing to do is to survey for the lowest rental costs. Since limousines are already innately luxurious, you need not spend too much on hiring one. Inquire from as many companies as possible to be able to compare prices. Some companies charge more for extra services that you can do without. Be practical. It would also be helpful to know the peak and off-peak seasons. Be aware when these seasons are in NJ, so that you will know the price ranges to expect. Finally, remember that having a limo on your wedding day is truly memorable, but what makes it really unforgettable is the time you will spend with people close to you and, of course, your one true love on that very special day.

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