Parking Lot Striping for an Orderly Sacramento Property

Parking lots (Orange Asphalt Repair) are important features of facilities anywhere because they give customers and visitors a first impression that can either be bad or good. In Sacramento, parking lot striping gives people a sense of discipline and order which is good for business.

The seventh largest city of California, Sacramento(Sacramento Asphalt Paving) is the economic and cultural center of the metropolitan area which also includes Placer, Yolo and El Dorado. With so many local and foreign visitors, facilities are usually swamped with vehicles and this is where order through parking lot striping is essential.

Striping is not limited to the usual hues used in public areas because it comes in different colors depending on your choice. It can be attractive and can reflect the character of the property owner.(Sacramento Power Washing)

The main purpose of parking lot striping is to give car owners a sense of order and direction so that the area is utilized to accommodate the maximum number of vehicles.

A lot that is striped properly will give customers adequate parking space and allow them to enter and exit with ease. If it is well designed, car owners can come in and go out of the facility quickly without too much trouble.

With guidelines that give disabled persons access to all public places, parking lots should also take into consideration the space needed for a wheel chair to be unloaded from a car and for the person to navigate the space from the car into the building. Knowing these guidelines, the proper striping can be laid out for this specific need.

A property owner naturally wants to have as many vehicles parked in the lot as possible and designers can present a layout that will do just that. Commonly, stripes (Citrus Heights Asphalt Paving) laid out at a right angle (90 degrees) will allow for more stalls in the lot.

However, the most preferred layout is angled at 45 to 75 degrees which makes entry and exit easier. Aside from the ease of turning into an angled stall, this also requires a narrower lane. It also controls the flow of traffic especially if the lot was designed for one-way traffic. This will guide the drivers to the right direction and will also create an aesthetically appealing herringbone design. However, more space is needed for an angled striping and is therefore not recommended for small spaces.

In addition to parking lot stripes, special markings (Fair Oaks Asphalt Paving) can also be placed in the area for safety measures, traffic flow directions and other important guides for order in the lot.

Most companies give the facility owner choices that comply with environmental regulations such as eco-friendly paints that are non-toxic. Water-based acrylic paint is the most favored material for striping and is therefore highly recommended.

Parking lot striping can be done by do-it-yourself enthusiasts and there are stencils available for this purpose. Made of durable plastic, they can be laid out, sprayed on, removed and reused a lot of times until they are damaged.

Water based acrylic paints are readily available and you can choose whichever color you want for your lot to reflect not only your personality but also the nature of your business. (Roseville Asphalt Paving)

However, if you have a big business and your parking lot encompasses a large area, it is not practical for you to do the job yourself. Those with no time on their hands will also benefit from professional service providers even if their lots are small. A professional will accomplish the project in less time at a cost that is not prohibitive.

In Sacramento (Fair Oaks Asphalt Repair), there are companies that will take on your parking lot striping requirements to bring a sense of order and improve the flow of traffic in your facility.

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