Making A Mark through Structural Engineering in Berkeley

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Structural engineering produces many a great structures that continue to mesmerize people of all ages, races and color. One such structure stands in the Berkeley (San Francisco Foundation Repair) campus of the University of California, The Campanile or Sather Tower.

There are other notable structures that have been recently constructed in the city. But what’s more amazing than that are those that have stood the test of time like the Berkeley Building built in 1947.

You would think, “What is it that makes these (Oakland Foundation Repairs) structures last so long?” Well, that can be answered in two words – structural engineering.

Structural engineering’s main concern is the design and integrity of a structure (Santa Clara Foundation Repair). Structural engineers busy themselves with the task of meticulously going over the plans and making sure that everything falls into place in the right place at the right time.

They obsess about the strength of materials, the ability of a building to support or resist weight and the safety of every corner of the structure to, in turn, ensure the safety ( Berkeley Structural Engineering ) of the people who will occupy the space.

More about structural engineering, it dates back millions of years ago. Back then, natural resources were abundant but tools were scarce. But still, majestic structures were made and they were created with such precision and skill that they stood the test of time.

In 2700 BC, Imhotep, the first recorded engineer with a name in history, built the step pyramid for Pharaoh Djoser. These pyramids were the rave back then since when a pharaoh (San Francisco Foundation Repair ) dies, these structures were believed to direct the souls of the deceased to another world.

Also, with superstition laid aside, pyramids were much easier to make than any other shape of structure since it is by itself stable.

As time went by, buildings and other forms of (San Francisco Foundation Repair) structures became repetitive in that knowledge of making tools were still unknown to the people. Artisans and sculptors were the front liners in such tasks.

As they continue to gain expertise, they rose to the (San Francisco Excavation ) title master builder, a sort of architect and structural engineer combined in one.

The fundamental sciences underlying structural engineering began to exist during the Renaissance period. And in late 19th century, structural engineering gained its independence from architecture, being a separate discipline.

There are a lot of other structures all over the world that proves the efficacy of quality structural engineering. One of many is the El Castillo pyramid in Chichen, Itza which (San Francisco Soft Story) is actually earthquake-proof.

To make a list of all the structures, buildings and other non-building structures that structural engineering has produced, it would take years to completely record it all.

But all things considered, we must focus on the here and now. To make our own history and make our own mark in the world is kind of a fun and exciting thing to do.

So if ever ideas pop into your head, whether (San Francisco Structural Engineering) it is only about equipment or large scale buildings, put it on paper or let an architect do it. And then let the structural engineers in Berkeley do their jobs and make buildings rise.

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