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When living in Seattle Wa. A good quality Chimney Sweep Seattle is just what you need once a year. From chimney cleaning, fireplace inspections, and masonry repairs will keep you and your family safe all year round.  When looking for such a service, one must take into account honesty, integrity and a trustworthy Chimney Sweep Seattle service will keep the fire burning with the 5-star service that we provide.

Don’t ignore your chimney. In order to protect your family and home. Have your chimney serviced once a year by the professionals to protect your home from flue fires, which are a major cause of preventable home fires.  Many of your older homes have unlined chimneys with little to no protection from the elements. Installing a chimney cap can significantly extend the life of the mortar in the flue. While still looking good 20 years later.  Chimney Sweep Seattle specializes in chimneys, and we know just about everything there is to know about them.  We use high quality materials so the standards of our craftsmanship level is held at its highest. Therefore our finished product is free of any defects so there is no coming back due to material failure.   Chimney Sweep Seattle (206) 395-2485

Let us worry about your chimney so you don’t have to.

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