Freightliner Parts – Call (952) 314-1467

If you are looking for parts for your Freightliner and are shocked and appalled by new part prices, you just may want to visit (Mack Truck Parts) to check out the fine folks over at Manders Diesel. Call them at (952) 314-1467 and inquire about motor parts or complete units. Body parts, they probably have that too. Need a complete transmission or a rebuilt one. Guess what? You are sure to find one here, either on the lot or through their parts locating network. They have an abundance of new, used and rebuilt parts, along with their factory authorized and trained technicians. Happy days are here again when you get back on the road way ahead of schedule. Thank you Manders!

Cummins Motors – Call (952) 314-1467

When it is time to replace that worn out or damaged Cummins motor, we know that you are not going to run down to your local auto parts store and order one in. If you do, you must have money to burn. The rest of the world however will be calling (952) 314-1467 or going to (Mack Truck Parts) to get a hold of the professionals at Manders Diesel. They have used and rebuilt motors, transmissions, axle units and suspension parts for just about any Mack truck you may be trying to fix, restore or maintain. Their prices are excellent, as is their selection and parts finding services. If the part you need is out there, these folks know how to track it down.

Mack R Model – Call (952) 314-1467

Do you have an older R model Mack that you are having a tough time finding parts for? Well do I have a life saving number for you. It is (952) 314-1467, which will hook you up to Manders Diesel in Minnesota. These folks can save you a ton of money and time when it comes to searching for R model parts. It doesn’t matter whether it is for an aluminum framed Western series or a 6×6 Municipal/maintenance chassis, these folks know their Macks! Visit them today at (Mack Truck Parts) and then give them a call. Engine, transmission, axle housings or suspension parts or assemblies are sitting in their vast inventory just waiting for your phone call. They can even install the items for you if that is required to get you back on the road. Good people, great products and prices. Your lucky day.

Mack Transmissions – Call (952) 314-1467

The expense of a new transmission or the labor of fixing the old one in your Mack too much for you to swallow? Then go to (Mack Truck Parts) and check out the fine used and rebuilt transmissions that Manders Diesel has on hand. With their best-buddy pricing, you will be back on the road in no time at all. Even if you need to pay them to put it in for you, you will still want to add them to your Christmas card list along with all your other friends. It’s that good! So remember, transmissions, engines, axles and suspensions. Manders is your one stop shop. Call them at (952) 314-1467 today and get back to work in a hurry.

Mack Cylinder Heads – Call (952) 314-1467

When it comes time to replace those worn out heads on your Mack, where are you going to start looking for such an exclusive item? Manders Diesel, that’s where. Call them at (952) 314-1467 to find just the pair of Mack cylinder heads that you need. Visit them at (Mack Truck Parts) before you call if you like. They have all kinds of new, used and rebuilt Mack parts, along with their fine selection of axles, transmissions and suspension parts. If you are looking for something Mack and they don’t have it already, they are experts at finding even the most hard to find parts. Call them today and get on your way!

Mack Engines – Call (952) 314-1467

Are you in the market for a new Mack engine? I know this is not something that you run down to your local auto parts store and order, or find at your local auto wrecking yard. That’s why you need to go to (Mack Truck Parts) and get a hold of the experts at Manders Diesel. Just call them at (952) 314-1467 to see if they have what you need. More than likely they do. And if they don’t they can probably get it coming your way within 24 hours. They also carry parts for Detroit, Cat and Cummins engines along with rear end and transmission parts. New, used and rebuilt, it’s Manders to end your search.

Used Mack Truck Parts – Call (952) 314-1467

At Manders Diesel Repair, our customers always come first! We carry a large inventory of used and rebuilt components to better serve our customers worldwide. We purchase a broad range of complete trucks for salvage and truck components on a daily basis and can supply you with your parts needs out of our large inventory of used and rebuilt truck parts. We specialize in Mack trucks and truck parts. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can get it for you at a fair price! We set the standard for today’s export markets. Call us today at (952) 314-1467 or visit us at (Mack Truck Parts)

Choosing A Drywall Contractor in Houston, Texas

Birkline Painting 281-506-0783. For all your painting needs, contact Birkline Painting of Houston, TX. Our company has been providing quality residential painting, minor repair, and pressure washing services to the Houston area since 1983. (House Painters Houston) With experienced and skilled crew, we can assure you quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Interior and exterior painting is a service most often required in a home improvement project; so is drywall construction. (Painters Katy) Drywall construction, which is very popular for the finish construction of ceilings and interior walls, requires certain specifications and techniques. (Painter Houston) This is when you really need the services of a drywall contractor. A licensed drywall contractor in Houston, Texas has to have well-experienced and highly-skilled crew to guarantee meeting such specifications and deliver quality workmanship.

Drywall refers to the method of constructing ceilings and interior walls using wallboard or gypsum board (commonly called drywall panels). (Painters Humble) A good drywall contractor in Houston only has to provide two of its experienced men to drywall an entire house in just one or two days. (House Painters Katy) Again, experienced drywallers have to follow certain specifications while using some of the latest drywall construction techniques.

Drywall panel specifications:

In the United States, (Paint House Houston) drywall construction requires the following specs of the panels:

* Width: 4 feet (1.2192 meters)

* Length: Depends on the application

* Thicknesses: 1/4 in. (6.35 mm); 3/8 in. (9.525 mm); 1/2 in. (12.7 mm); 5/8 in. (15.875 mm); and 1 in. (25.4 mm)

In case of fire-resistance rating requirement, the 1/2 inch- or 5/8 inch-thick panels are used. Also, the 5/8 inch-thick panels are used for additional mass to reduce sound transmission.

At least five other drywall panel types are available in Houston and throughout the United States:

1. Blue board – This is made of a skim coat finish, which provides for strong resistance against water and mold.

2. Green board – (Painter Katy) This is made of an oil-based additive that provides resistance against moisture. Hence, it is commonly used in areas in a home where the level of humidity is always high, such as in washrooms.

3. Cement board – This offers greater water resistance compared to green board, and is thus more commonly used in showers. (Drywall Houston) It is also often used as a base for ceramic tile.

4. White board – This is the most regularly used type of drywall panel. It comes in 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) and 3/4 inch (19.05 mm) thicknesses, and is popular for its stiffness.

5. Ceiling board – Compared to regular white board, this panel type is significantly stiffer, although it comes only in 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) thickness. Alternatively, this type is also called controlled density board.

Drywall construction techniques, tools, and other materials:

Professional drywall installers use several techniques, (House Painter Houston) from cutting the panels to the desired sizes to finishing the joints and covering the nailheads. Cutting techniques require expert use of certain tools, such as a large T-square and a utility knife. (Interior Painting Houston) Where small features – such as holes for light switches and outlets – are required, a keyhole or jab saw is used. Drywall fasteners (for fixing the panels to the wall structure) include glue, nails, screws, or clips.

Several layers of drywall compound are used to conceal the seams between drywall sheets. Holes or other defects are also covered using this compound. (Painting Contractors Houston) The entire wall is usually skim coated for a better finish. (Exterior Painting Houston) There are 5 levels of drywall finish which are used by contractors as their bases for choosing the right labor and materials.

All these and more can be accomplished by the best of drywall contractors in Houston at a reasonable price. (Drywall Katy) Your choice for one should be confined among only those that offer free estimates.