How to travel to EU when passport name different than other documents?


I have a Colombian passport and need to travel to the EU. My passport has my before family last name but I got married and took my husband’s last name. Now all my documents including the green card has my new last name.
The tickets were issued with my new last name (though the company I work for) but they do not match the passport names. Colombia doesn’t change the passport names.
Will I have a problem to apply for the Schengen visa or travel to the EU?

Any answers much apreciated!!!

What jobs out there allow a person to travel and write about their travel experiences?

jasonjnagy asked:

I love the travel industry. There’s certain feelings I get when traveling to a new place and I want others to feel the same way I do about visiting some place new or experiencing something totally different than what I am use to. I currently work in the travel business advertising vacation property and after seeing how beautiful the land is where some of the properties reside, I get this strong feeling of envy for the owners who get to enjoy the beauty of a vacation destination and of the land their homes rest on.

How on earth can I find a job, aside from being a travel agent, or tour director, or cruise ship director, where I can travel to places I love and write about them for everyone else to experience?

Im looking along the lines of maybe a travel magazine who will pay people to travel or even a website?

What travel documents does an International student need to travel within Canada?

crackingshot asked:

I am an International student in Toronto and would like to fly to Vancouver for a couple weeks. I wanted to know if my passport is sufficient ID for me to travel on. I received an extension on my study permit but have lost it. Will that be a problem?

Thank you very much.

How do I become a legitimate travel agent?

Miss Tee asked:

Has anyone ever been a travel agent or known a travel agent that made alot of money or that owned any kind of travel business and was successful? I would like to know what kind of license I need in order to be a legitimate travel agent. I am based in New York. Is there are school I need to go to or training online. What company should I affiliate myself with? Any travel agents, please give me the low down. Thanks.

How long to travel to Mars from the point of view of those traveling?

T G asked:

I’ve heard that it will take roughly 9 months to travel to Mars. But, time travels faster when farther away from large gravitational fields. How long will it take from the point of view of an astronaut making the trip? What will be the maximum difference in the speed of time from an astronaut on the journey from the speed of time at mission control on earth?

How can Electromagnetic Radiation travel without a medium?

Resist asked:

If Electromagnetic Radiation can travel through the vacuum of space then it can travel without a medium, but shouldn’t this be imposable? Or is it true that Electromagnetic Radiation uses the medium of existing magnetic fields, such as earths, distorting these fields much like sound waves do to air? And if so how can this have a direction of travel?